About Us

Hello Icy Girls , my name is Cristina and my business is Icy Girl Lips ! When I started this business I was 16 - 17 years old going into my senior year of High School . I wanted to take my passion for makeup to a different level. Before re-branding I was only selling lipgloss and lip scrubs , but with the grace of god I was able to expand my business and now I sell lipgloss , lashes , and lip scrubs . Hopefully I will be able to expand Icy Girl Lips even more and I will be able to add even more products . The message I wanted to put across is that no matter what race , age , shape ,or size , you're an Icy girl ! I also wanted to use the term " Icy Girl " because I felt that " baddie " was played out. I wanted it to be unique , something that you typically wouldn't hear. I hope you all love my brand as much as I do , Stay Icy babes .